View Full Version : 2003 Kawasaki ZX6R (636) $4800

05-23-2007, 9:47 AM

From craigslist.

Ok, reason the price is so low, is because I need to sell it soon, next weekend soon. The bike needs some things so the price is reflecting that and the price is not set in stone, but firm.
The Bad: Needs new rear tire, the front is fine. The bike fell over in the garage and the tip of my dads tile saw hit the corner of the tank. The bike was laid down at around 15-20mph, see the scratches in the pics. The bolt for the frame slider bent a little so your going to need a new base and puck. One of the fairing screws is stripped, one of the tabs on fairing broke so instead of 3 screws it has 2. The clearcoat on the edges of "kawasaki" are starting to peel. The bike has small scratches here and their. For some reason the horn doesnt work, ive never really needed/used it though. the triple tree has some scratches from the keys. Sounds like a lot of problems, but in reality its not, your just not going to get any surprises when you come check it out.

The Good. PCIII professionally installed by Alan at Sportbike Dynamics, he has done some service to the bike here and their. The bike runs full synthetic oil, oil has been changed numerious times. The engine just turned 13k miles still running strong no problems. Suspension set up by Dave Moss for a 160 pd rider. K&N filter. LED blinkers front and rear. http://www.customdynamics.com/trick_flasher.htm#Adjustable_Rate_Flasher I installed that to fix the fast blinking, but you can also change the flash rate into different styles by just using your turn signal switch, but you can always go back to stock. Never stunted. Has these Carbon Fiber bar end sliders, and gel grips installed. Frame sliders, and swing arm spools.

So thats pretty much it, considering what other people are asking I think the price is fair, no hidden problem with it, everything was listed above. No trades already found my next bike, thats why this one needs to go. I got tons of pics, or can take any email me for more info. Ill be busy this weekend at the AMA, then Finals at school mon-weds but thursday on up free to show bike.

$4800 for you guys, if it goes soon. Selling for a upgrade so need the cash. Bike is in good shape, other than what listed, no problems so far. Any questions let me know. I got somebody coming tommorow maybe two people to check it out. This year(03-04) was arguably one the best looking sportbikes period, I still think it is. I can only post 4 pics so check out criagslist for more pics