View Full Version : A question on the bias against high cap mags.

06-25-2012, 10:30 PM
I keep reading over and over on here when someone asks anything about magazine capacities (regardless of pistol or rifles) everyone says you can only possess or use high caps "if you owned them since before the ban". While I completely understand not hinting at all the gray areas that could potentially get an uninformed person in a lot of trouble. Such as using a 30rd mag with a standar ar (collapsible stock, flash hider, pistol grip, etc). Is there a certain reason so many people choose to misinform these people that it is completely illegal to own a high capacity magazine unless theyve had it for 12 years? The only thing that is illegal is to BUY, SELL, IMPORT, OR MANUFACTURE them. That's it. Anyone can own one, and no one can prove how you came into possession of said magazine. Period. Regardless of when it was made or how you received it. True story, at the local range a couple years back I found 3 old steel gi looking mags in the trash can. Perfect working order and everything. I can only assume that someone was shooting there and was scared away from using them and tossed them out. Now I am the legal owner of them and did nothing wrong in the process.
Please don't misconstrue my opinion for legal advice or permission to go make up stories as an excuse to buy high caps and make up stories about how you came into possession of them. All I am saying is that it can be legal, and who is going to prove you otherwise... Think for yourselfs people.
Also on a side note I DO NOT APPROVE OF BREAKING ANY LAW REGUARDLESS OF THE REASONING! But honestly, the high cap mag law is just another in a redciculously long string of laws that only cripples the honest law abiding citizen. No person that would be using their guns and magazines for ill gains is going to abide by them. So if there were to be some sort of uprising, rioting, or the general shtf crap that everyone talks about these days. Do you want the criminals and people with loose morals to have that large of an upper hand? Its practically irresponsible (in my oppinion) to not keep certain equalizers around for the possible day that all these BS laws could go out the window, and its survival of the fittest again. That could seriously put yourself and the people you love in jeopardy. And I don't know about you all but I do everything in my power to ensure I can protect the people I care about, by the letter of the law of course ;)

06-25-2012, 10:35 PM
Since violation of the stupid law can result in felony charges, the advice is simply to stay away.

See also the Magazine Qs link, below.