View Full Version : WTS: Izhevsk Tiger SVD.

06-24-2012, 3:54 PM
Make: Izhevsk (Imported by B West).

Model: Tiger Carbine

Caliber: 7.62x54

Location (city or county): Temecula (SoCal)

Price: $4250

Will ship (Y/N): Yes. (Will be expensive w/added insurance).

Other info:

Like new B West Tiger. Comes w/what you see in pics. No box. I have not fired it and it has been sitting in the safe for years. Second owner and the previous owner said he did not fire it. Will be w/out the butt stock on it when sold. (Butt stock is not screwed on in the pics).

Cash, USPS MO, and/or discreet PP+4%. Shipping/insurance extra. Numbers match. Has (4) 10 round magazines and (2) 5 round magazines. Scope matches serial number on gun.

First "i'll take it" rules. Not too interested in trades and I am not desperate to sell. (Just don't use it so I am moving it along). Contact me via PM ONLY. I will try to check the forum a few times a day but I do work.

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