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06-23-2012, 10:32 PM
Hi guys,

I don't want a "fancy" sling. Just a "workhorse" type sling that would be usefull in most situations. I'm not sure single point, two point, or three point...which would be better.

Purpose: Shooting range (something that wraps around the arm to give extended support, for accuracy). Basic carry (in case SHTF....lol. Isn't everyone getting ready for that..lol). Oh, and incase I take a shooting course (not sure which type), but some day....

Please suggest......and ask questions, if I'm not clear.

Thanks in advance!

06-23-2012, 10:58 PM
In for some experienced opinions.

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06-23-2012, 11:07 PM
Magpul MS3 sling, single or double it works both ways.

06-23-2012, 11:10 PM

06-23-2012, 11:13 PM
i love my ares armor husky sling, its great! Watch their promo video to see what its about, helps with my accuracy, keeping a sturdy hold on the rifle.

06-23-2012, 11:14 PM
IAS sling.

06-23-2012, 11:17 PM
Anything single point that's sturdy.

I've tried double and it still gets in the way while shooting, but it's awesome for letting your rifle hang while you do other stuff. Then again, a single will do that too if it doesn't sag too much.

06-23-2012, 11:20 PM
i love my ares armor husky sling, its great! Watch their promo video to see what its about, helps with my accuracy, keeping a sturdy hold on the rifle. I second this. I actually picked up my second one today. It just works as advertised. I wish I would of had this sling while I was in the Marines.

06-23-2012, 11:35 PM
Check out Tacstrap. Simple design that converts easily from single to two point use.

06-24-2012, 2:04 AM
zfields makes a really nice sling. I would message him and check them out.

06-24-2012, 7:38 AM
ah good question.

I have been researching this exact question for about a month now.

My needs:
decent quality sling for a carbine class. I probably will not be using it at the range, and I don't believe in a lot of the SHTF nonsense- but if I had to "bug out" all my gear would work anyways.

I looked at the VTAC SLing (http://www.vikingtactics.com/slings_original.html) and
The Blue Force padded gear sling (http://www.blueforcegear.com/vickers-padded-sling/)

The most. Both great 2 point slings, but a bit more than I wanted to spend (40$-60$).

I will end up going with the Apex defense (http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=583895) 3 point convertible sling. It looks to be good quality, is low priced, made in the usa, a CALGUNS vendor, and it is convertible between 2 point and 3 point.

This is what will work best for me.

06-24-2012, 8:56 AM
I use the condor bungee sling on my AR with a GG&G mount. It's 1 point and 2 point. It works well for me but it's all preference. My ranger buddy swares by the vtac sling. Just hit up a gun show and try a few out!

06-24-2012, 8:58 AM
I've been using the Vickers padded sling from Blue Force Gear for YEARS and it has been nothing short of fantastic.

06-24-2012, 9:03 AM
You're going to need a 2-point, if you want to use it to increase stability for offhand. The good ones have already been mentioned - VTAC, Vickers. I've switched over to the WOTG Gun Sling since it's quieter, simpler, low cost and doesnt require a QD sling mount on my handguard.

06-24-2012, 9:04 AM
I have a special discount on all VTAC products until the end of the month. Add the item to your cart and the discount will show under the subtotal.


06-24-2012, 9:08 AM
I love my voodoo tactical sling...was only 10 bucks at Ammo Bros in Cerritos, its a one point and imo a one point would be better in a SHTF situation

06-24-2012, 9:12 AM
IIRC, the Vickers, VTAC, the and Ares slings all have videos online. Check them out and see if you like any of them. I only have a VTAC and I like it. However, the Ares and Vickers slings look good and I try them someday.

06-24-2012, 9:14 AM
If you need a low cost sling, take a look at a boonie packer combat sling. They get pretty good reviews.

06-24-2012, 9:24 AM
Buy the padded VTAC sling. You won't be disappointed.

The War Wagon
06-24-2012, 9:28 AM
Gear Sector.

Affordable. Durable. Reliable. :cool:

06-24-2012, 9:42 AM
Based on your stated purpose, and assuming you have an AR, a basic nylon USGI sling would suit you well. Google hasty, hasty hasty, and loop sling usage to learn how to use it for shooting support. Or take an Appleseed course. Depending on your physical size and how your rail is set up, you can even use it for across the chest tactical carry. I added push button QD's to mine so I can move it around easily on my rifles attachment points.
Have fun.

06-24-2012, 9:58 AM
Blue Force Gear Vickers 2 Point


06-24-2012, 10:51 AM
VTAC, Vickers VCAS, or Ares Armor 2 point adjustable.

I prefer the vickers QD model flavor, personally.

06-24-2012, 11:30 AM
Love my Ares Husky Amentum

06-24-2012, 12:20 PM
Get a sandstorm sling. You pick the style and colors. They are really comfortable. I am happy with mine

06-24-2012, 12:26 PM
X10 area armor huskey sling. Designed by a bunch of marines! I got 2 of them about to buy another sling from them soon.

Check out the demonstrational video

06-24-2012, 1:22 PM
My vote goes to magpul MS2 or MS3 sling... the MS2 sling is now the older style and I have seen new ones for around 30 bucks. I have the MS2 and am incredibly happy with it. Its basic, well-made and comfortable for extended periods of time.

this sling looks pretty good for the money... my buddy has one and likes it a lot.

06-24-2012, 3:18 PM
magpul ms3 FTW

06-24-2012, 3:37 PM
USGI cotton web sling. Extremely stable in a sitting or prone position, great quick sling, easy to find and cheap as chips.


It's good enough for Gunny

06-24-2012, 5:48 PM
BFG Padded VCAS sling would be my choice.

r8dr rider
06-24-2012, 5:55 PM
End plate sling adapter and a single point sling. Works for me. Haven't hit my balls.........yet!

06-24-2012, 6:24 PM
End plate sling adapter and a single point sling. Works for me. Haven't hit my balls.........yet!

Don't worry, it's coming!

06-24-2012, 8:47 PM
I like my single point bungee from from Tactical Link. Very heavy duty made and very easy to use. I likey.

06-24-2012, 9:03 PM
Vickers 2 point VCAS either standard or padded

Dreaded Claymore
06-25-2012, 2:23 PM
There's also the Emdom/Military Morons Gunslinger (http://www.skdtac.com/Emdom-E-MM-Gunslinger-Sling-p/e2m.101.htm) sling, which can be 1-point or 2-point. It appears to be similar to, but lighter than, the VCAS sling. And it's a bit cheaper.

06-25-2012, 2:24 PM
Magpul MS2 or MS3 sling, I love my condor single pt bungee sling as well

06-25-2012, 7:10 PM
This is our Multi-Point Sling With Shoulder Pad. It sells for $22.50. You can read more about it here: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=583895&highlight=apex+defense


06-25-2012, 9:02 PM
Ares Armor "Huskey Amentum Slider Sling".


06-25-2012, 9:48 PM
I have this midway sling and it does the trick. Only $15