View Full Version : Marlin 22LR Magazine Fits Post 1996 self loaders

06-23-2012, 7:50 PM

Due to an ordering mistake a box from a web retailer came with some extra items that I am unable to return - not being on the invoice they won't give me a return authorization and don't want to pay for return shipping. They added 3 of these Marlin 22lr rifle magazines that fit post 1996 marlin self loaders - 7 shot capacity, with last shot hold open feature, (Nickel) - Made in the USA. I don't see a part number on the packaging but the UPC code is 026495070465. I did a web search and these seem to retail for $11 to $14 each. The three I have are all brand new in sealed factory packaging. I don't have a rifle that can use these magazines so if someone wants to offer me $8 each plus shipping I would be a happy camper. I am in the San Diego east county area.