View Full Version : Mojo Sight Review - Finn M39

05-21-2007, 7:37 PM
Cross post from the C&R forum (posted it there since Mojo sights are available for several C&R rifles)

I recently bought a set of Mojo Sights http://mojosights.com for my B barrel Finn Mosin-Nagant M39. Installation was pretty easy, but did require some patience to tap out the rear sight hinge pin to remove it. Installing the front sight was simple and straight forward. Took it out to the range this weekend. After playing with the elevation and shooting paper at 25 and 50 yards, I put a couple of bowling pins out at 75 yards. I had no problem knocking them down at 75 yards, and I'm a terrible shot. Target acquisition is quick, just align the two circles. My only complaint is that I didn't order the aperature pack that includes smaller aperature inserts. Overall, $75 seems like a lot for iron sights, but the sights do not require any permanent modifications to the rifle and they can removed to put the rifle back to original form.

05-22-2007, 12:35 PM
I really like the Mojo on my M48a. It took me a bit to get used to it - I was trying to line it up like a traditional sight - but once I let go and went for the quick alignment, my accuracy went way up.

It's a great fast acquisition sight for milsurp-accuracy rifles.