View Full Version : Gas turbine (jet) mechanics - Bakersfield

06-22-2012, 5:21 PM
I've got an opening for a trainee gas turbine field service technician.

I need someone with some experience with gas turbines/jet engines to work out of our Bakersfield office on land based power plants, inspecting and repairing industrial gas turbines. Navy gas turbine technicians will fit this job perfectly and AF/Marine/Army jet engine mechanics will also drop right into this job.

The job requires a high level of attention to detail, advanced mechanical skills, ability to learn technical information quickly, strong teamwork attitude and a lot of physical work.

Technicians are based in Bakersfield with about 25% - 50% travel around the US (mostly in the western states but some on the east coast, south etc.). We have a little travel to Canada and Hawaii and maybe once or twice a year an opportunity to work with our parent company overseas for short periods. 90% of the travelling work is less than a week at a time but there may be a couple of jobs where technicians are away from home for two weeks or so.

Most of the work is concentrated during the spring and fall times of the year where technicians will work 12 hour shifts on most jobs with about 25% of the work on night shift. During the peak periods, March - May and September - November, plan on working 10-13 days in a row of 12 hour shifts. When we get slack periods we let technicians "work" out of their homes in the middle of the week, so that any work on weekends is at overtime rate as much as possible. During the summer and winter slack periods technicians "work" out of their homes a lot of Fridays and Mondays.

Starting pay for trainees is $20+/Hr and after the 12-18 month (self paced) training period there's about a 10-20% step increase. Technicians wil work 600+ hours of overtime per year. There is a lot of weekend overtime but we try to make up for it with "work" at home during slack times.

Full time, with medical/dental/vision/educational benefits, 401K, profit sharing etc. We supply all tools, safety equipment, training, etc.

This is hard, physical mechanical work that sometimes takes place out in the weather, heat, cold, rain, etc. the hours are long and hard during the peak periods but there is about 40% of the time in the office or shop doing computerized reports and equipment checks, training and such during the summer and fall.

Technicians are subject to call outs for emergency work, we'll supply a cellphone so that you are not tied to your home phone.

If you or anyone you know, is qualified and interested, PM me and I can get you more information or click the link below to apply.