View Full Version : Another easy transaction at Tracy Rifle and Pistol

Flyin Brian
06-22-2012, 9:49 AM
I collect military surplus rifles and I have used Tracy Rifle and Pistol to receive rifles 3 times so far and I highly recommend them. I recently had to have 3 rifles shipped to a receiving FFL and I used TRAP to receive them. All I had to do was call them and they sent their FFL info to the Auction house and it was all set. They called me when the package arrived and I went in that same day to do the paperwork. Even though they were very busy they were very helpful and professional.

The best part is the price!! I checked with a few shops that are closer to my home and they wanted a minimum of $100 plus a percentage of the value of the rifle... WTF? One of the rifles I only paid $130 for, so it would have doubled the cost.

I highly recommend Tracy Rifle and Pistol.