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06-22-2012, 8:39 AM
For Sale: H1 4MOA Aimpoint with Larue Mount for Flat top AR15/M4 co-witness

Asking: $500 for the H1 with Larue Mount (will not sell sight and mount separately)

Shipping: Can Arrange upon Request, prefer local pickup

Location: Orange County

Payment: Cash, Money Order may consider Paypal

May consider trade for Aimpoint Comp M3 or Comp ML3

Product Condition: 9 out of 10.
Used 2 times, once at range to zero and once during training class. 4MOA Red Dot works flawlessly for CQB, uses very little rail space, super lightweight, water proof to 15ft. enough said…

Contact: Please PM me…

Product Information:

H-1 4MOA-MSRP: $627

These are a great solution for those who won't be using night vision, or diving past 15 ft with their gear...they cost less too!
Micro H-1 - Same frame, diode and finish as the T-1, these were developed as an economical choice for those who don't need, or desire the lowest settings needed for night vision equipment, or the extra waterproofing to dive down past 15ft (H-1's are still waterproof). They marry to our mounts just the same as well.

Like the Micro T-1''s, the H-1's are small enough to be used anywhere that you could put iron sights, these sights can be used on any type of firearm or archery equipment. A lightweight rifle with an Micro H-1 mounted on it remains a lightweight rifle! A hunting revolver with an Micro H-1 installed remains as easy to carry as with iron sights and is much quicker to aim. On a bow, the parallax-free Micro H-1 eliminates the need for a peep, allowing you to shoot accurately in lower light.

Combo comes with the following QD mount heights MSRP: $98
Tall (LT660)
Allows a 1/3 co-witness with the Iron Sights on M4 Carbine and AR-15 Flattop.
• Weight 84 g without mount and 105 g with mount ideal for rifles
• ACET technology allows 50,000 hours of operation on one battery
• Available in 4 MOA (minutes of angle)
• Submersible to 15 feet (5 meters)
• 1X (non-magnifying) parallax free optic
• Patent pending mount is keyed to the sight body to absorb recoil
• Precision adjustment for windage and elevation
• Top of protective caps fits into holes on adjustment screws
• no other tool required
• 13 settings for use in daylight and lowlight conditions
• Color: Matte Black
• Unlimited field of view
• Parallax-free and unlimited eye relief
• Unaffected by extreme weather conditions
• Rugged, durable construction
• No hazardous materials
• No laser emission that could be harmful to your eyes
• Mechanical switch for speed and reliability
• Increased aiming confidence

LaRue Tactical Aimpoint Micro QD Mounts
One of our most popular series of mounts. Our LT660 (for the T-1 and H-1) come in three different heights, as listed below. We also offer the LT751 in an absolute cowitness height. Like all LaRue mounts, they are precision-machined out of bar-stock aluminum and matt black anodized to provide a durable non-reflective surface finish. The locking LaRue Speed Lever provides outstanding return to zero; the optic can be removed, and replaced, without loss of zero. Guaranteed.







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Sold to "d sauce". Thanks Calguns!