View Full Version : Anyone have issues with the new 870 tactical ?

06-21-2012, 8:30 PM
Just picked up my new Remington 870 Tactical. I know it's a production gun, but what happened to QC at Remington ? I have two others, and they're nothing like this one. 1.The pad is poorly fitted to the stock and sits over the stock with a noticeable lip. 2. The seams on top have excess material. 3. The bottom of the receiver is rough and streaked. Looks like the machine didn't finish (sand?)that part of the receiver. 4.The forend rattles and has so much play that I thought it was loose. When I balked at taking it home, the good people at Turners said, "It does have some issues. But you'll have to talk to Remington. It's not like a pair of pants you can just return." Calling Remington in the morning. Never dealing with Turners again.

06-21-2012, 9:48 PM

And you should always inspect any gun your purchasing for this exact reason before putting down the cash and paper work. You can never be too safe because like this most shops won't do anything after its been taken home.

2 things to always check

1 it's in working order and good condition

2 look for any blemishes pre/post purchase date. There have been horror stories where gun shops screw around or mishandle fire arms in DROS and damage is done.

You can never be too safe and if they make a fit over it f them it's your money and you deserve the best one there and one that's up to your standards putting down good money for any gun new or used. If they still complain take your business elsewhere.