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06-21-2012, 3:31 PM

Make: Izhmach / Izhmash - Russia

Model: TIGR aka Tiger (civilian version of SVD Dragunov)

Caliber: 7.62x54R

Location (city or county): Neenah, WI USA

Price: $4,700.00 -firm (if it does not sell for this - I am keeping it)

Will ship (Y/N): YES. shipping of two packages included in the price, read below.

Other info: Russian Izhmach Semi-Auto Sniper


better and MORE! pics are here: http://s1016.photobucket.com/albums/af283/audiobahn1/audiobahn1/Tigr%20SVD%20aka%20Dragunov/?albumview=slideshow

*also is listed elsewhere
REDUCED (from $5K plus shipping) FIRM PRICE: $4,700 - this INCLUDES SHIPPING to ConUS (you are still responsible for insurance if desired) of two packages.

Shipping terms:
it will ship in TWO packages/boxes.
One directly to you - buyer
another to your FFL
FFL box: rifle only without furniture (meaning buttstock is removed) or scope or any accessories - its probably the only way it will 'fly' as far as transfer to you.
your box: EVERYTHING else: mags, all sets of furniture, sling, scope, cover, whatever you see on the pics...
your FFL will have to accept from a private party (i will enclose my WI Drivers license in the 'rifle box'.

1993 Izhmash /Izmach SVD Dragunov - Tigr (tiger) variant.
exactly 1001 of these are in the USA and 100 more of a complete military variant (which go for about $30K if they ever come up for sale). this is not a PSL or AK - this is a machined (nothing stamped that matters) weaponry. This WILL shoot groups, it is not, per say just a plinking gun.

Rifle was babied and only non-corrosive ammo shot. between myself and previous owner - approximately 700rds total.
Original 4x PSO (illuminated), I upgraded to 1.5LED with AA battery cover, since Russian batteries are too rich for me. However, original set of 2.5v replacement lamps and battery cover is included. Also, has a retractable original sunshade, sun filter and rubber eye piece. Balum accumulator warmer is also included.
(3) three - 5rd magazines
(2) two - 10rd magazines (these are actually unissued, brand new and still in the grease paper from Russia, I have not shot em yet)
original scope cover
original grey field/soft bag/case
Russian SVD bayonet
(2) two Belarus made scope rails - low and medium profile - will allow you to use your regular pictanny rings + own scope(s). All PSO scopes during soviet times were made in Belarus, just an FYI
(1) one original cleaning bottle
(1) one orignal cleaning kit - complete
original Tigr buttstock and handguards (wood buttstock/black non-vented handguards)
real Russian Military issue wood handuards
Current military issue polymer stock with cheek pad and vented black polymer handguards .
(2) two Russian Military issue canvas magazine pouches/carriers (4-magazine kind) - NEW.
(1) SVD sling (installed), different than a typical AK sling

rifle shoots EXCELLENT. no issues PERIOD. taken care of and always cleaned after each shooting session (despite only non-corrosive ammo shot).
I do not know what else to tell you, its an excellent rifle however, I need to sell so there you go...

thank you and good luck




06-22-2012, 9:36 PM
plenty of references/feedback for me on: ebay, gunboars and sksboards. this will NOT be for sale in 2 weeks, so do not wait :). If I miss my deadline to raise funds I am keeping it.

06-22-2012, 11:55 PM
I'll take it, pm me.