View Full Version : WTT Galil/Golani for .45 Auto Pistol

06-21-2012, 2:07 PM
Los Angeles County
Approxiimately $850.00

I have a nicely finished and well functioning .223 Galil/Golani that I want to trade for a .45 auto

My Trade
I picked this up a few years ago, shot it once to see if it would fees from different mags, and has been in my safe ever since. Included are 4 30 round mags and a 10 round mag, and an aftermarket Galil field cleaning kit (nice).

Low end total worth for this bundle is about $850.00

What I Want
I am looking for a .45 auto pistol/kit of equal value. I like H&K and Colt, but am open to whatever you think is a good trade.

I will be happy to exchange pictures with those that have a legitimate, realistic offer. Message me what you have and what you think it is worth, and let's talk about it.

Thank you for your time.

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Would also consider a lower cost pistol and an AR lower or similar. A pistol and a project would work also :cool: