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06-21-2012, 1:26 PM
Act now to voice your strong OPPOSITION to SB 249! Call, write, and/or email your Assembly Member and Senator Yee's office. Contact information is available below.

SB 249 - Ban on Possession of Magazine Release Parts
Bill Author: Senator Leland Yee, D-San Francisco (http://sd08.senate.ca.gov/contact)

SB 249, introduced by Senator Yee, began its travel through the legislative process this year as an agricultural bill. On May 22, after the time for introduction of new bills had passed, SB 249 was fully gutted and amended into a bill that now proposes to restrict magazine release components in semi-auto firearms. The bill suddenly changed into its new form following a CBS news story focusing on some semi-automatic firearms.

CRPA's concerns regarding SB 249 include the fact that it would make it illegal to possess parts for magazine releases on most semi-auto firearms with detachable magazines. There are hundreds of thousands of firearms that may be impacted by SB 249. These firearms legally owned by residents. SB 249 could potentially make criminals out of law-abiding citizens.

The bill has been referred from the Assembly Rules Committee to the Assembly Public Safety Committee and will most likely be heard on July 3. CRPA and NRA are working to stop this bill; please use your collective power as a CRPA member to voice your opposition to SB 249 and help to defeat it immediately.


Send your comments on this legislation to your assembly member and Senator Yee's office. And remember that it is just as important to send a letter or e-mail thanking officials when they support gun owners and sportsmen. Please keep in mind the following when you write:

State your name and address (phone number optional)
State that you are a member of CRPA
Be professional and courteous
Be concise
State what the issue is
State your concerns or your thanks
State what action you are requesting


Please voice your opposition to Senator Yee. Click here (http://sd08.senate.ca.gov/contact) to contact Senator Leland Yee or you can e-mail him here senator.yee@senate.ca.gov.

Please also voice your opinion to your assembly member. Find the specific address for your legislator here (http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html) or address your letter to your legislator and mail it to the State Capitol, Sacramento, 94248-0001.

07-02-2012, 10:01 AM
I received this reply today from Assemblymember Hagman for the effort to have my voice of concern heard. :cool2:

"Assemblymember Hagman Assemblymember.Hagman@assembly.ca.gov
10:27 AM (28 minutes ago)

to me

Thank you for contacting my office to express your opposition to SB 249 which would, "commencing July 1, 2013 prohibit any person from importing, making, selling, loaning, transferring, or possessing any conversion kit designed solely and exclusively to convert certain firearms with a fixed magazine into firearms with the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and other features."

As a State Assemblyman, please be assured that I strongly share in your opposition to this legislation and I voted against it when it reached the Assembly Rules Committee on June 18th, 2012. Unfortunately, it did pass and will now be referred to the Public Safety Committee, of which I am also a member. I will vote against SB 249 here too and will urge my colleagues to do the same.

I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment which gives us the freedom and right to bear arms. It is outrageous that this kind of bill is even being considered. We need to focus our efforts on strengthening the economy and creating jobs, not punishing and regulating law abiding citizens.

I will not give up the fight to protect our basic rights. As always, I will continue to oppose and vote against any restrictive gun legislation.

I also encourage you to contact your local State Assembly representative to express your viewpoint on this issue.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you; it is my privilege."

Assemblyman Curt Hagman
District 60

07-02-2012, 10:13 AM
I don't keep track of this type of legislation, but what does SB 249 propose to do. I read the sentence about banning "parts for magazine releases on most semi-auto firearms with detachable magazines" but just can't figure out what they are talking about. Can someone explain to me in plain english?

Thanks in advance