View Full Version : SOLD New Romanian AK 7.62x39 chrome lined barrel $110

06-18-2012, 9:29 PM
New Romanian manufactured cold hammer forged, chrome lined AK barrel 7.62x39. $110 shipped.

This barrel is factory new and never been installed.
It has the critical extractor cut.
The gas port hole is not drilled.
The muzzle is factory threaded.
You will need to make the retainer pin radius cuts after you fit the parts onto the barrel.
The square slots are milled for the lower handguard retainer plate.
They are ready to be fitted to your rifle or kit.
They will fit most models of stamped receiver AK47's including the Romanian, Egyptian, Russian, Polish and Hungarian (except the AMD65).
They will not fit the Chinese or Yugoslavian AK's.
Length is 16 5/16".