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06-18-2012, 8:49 PM
If I am to purchase a Lower Receiver from an FFL. What are the requirements for the 4473? Is it the same as a handgun meaning two proofs (ex. Drivers License, Vehicle Registration). OR is only one proof required? (ex. Drivers License).

And Why? what is a lower classified as?

Thanks Guys!

06-18-2012, 9:15 PM
You just need your current California picture id, dl. It is a rifle. Not a handgun.

06-18-2012, 9:17 PM
Should just be 1 ID unless your address isn't accurate then you would need an additional for proof of residency

Could be DROS'd as either "other" or "longgun"

Mssr. Eleganté
06-18-2012, 9:21 PM
Feds classify it as "other" on the 4473 and CalDOJ classifies it as "long gun" on the DROS. It's not a handgun, so CalDOJ doesn't require that second "proof of residency".

06-18-2012, 10:09 PM
Thanks guys.

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