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NEW Leatherwood M-1000 Retails $370.00 $250.00 takes it

Leatherwood Camputer ART Scope M-1000 2.5-10x44 Auto Ranging Trajectory Riflescope Product Info

Leatherwood M-1000 ART Scope Riflescope ART2510X44 (Auto Ranging Trajectory rifle scope) is an extremely advanced sighting system. This Leatherwood Riflescope has the basics of which has now been in contant military use imagefor more than 40 years. Using a riflescope system has never been easier, or more user friendly, than it is with the Leatherwood ART Scope!

To use the Leatherwood Hi-Lux ARTscope all the shooter has to do is to place the reticle on the target, zoom in to "FRAME" an area of known size (i.e. the 18" height of a buck's chest cavity), AIM, and squeeze the trigger to "SHOOT". It all takes less than 5 seconds, and the shooter's eye never leaves the scope! When the shooter frames an 18" or 1 meter target using the brackets on the reticle, Leatherwood M1000 ART 2.5x-10x44mm Camputer Riflescope will automatically range the target and compensate for bullet trajectory for distances of 250 to 1,000 meters. This means no "holdover" or guess work.

The cam of Leather Wood Hi Lux Optics M 1000 2.5-10x44mm ART (Auto Ranging Trajectory) Camputer Riflescope System, which was invented and designed by Jim Leatherwood for military snipers in Vietman during the 1960s, has been redesigned for today's sportsmen. Interchangeable modular cams make it simpler than ever to precisely calibrate the Camputer M-1000 ART Rifle Scope by Leatherwood for just about any center-fire rifle cartridge - from .223 to .50 BMG. The shooter can switch cams in a minute or less! Also, the Leatherwood ART Scope permits the cam, calibration ring and range ring to be used or set independently and more precisely. Easy access locking screws make changes quick and easy.
Specifications for Leather Wood M-1000 2.5-10x44mm Riflescope ART2510X44:
Power: 2.5x-10x
Objective Lens: 44mm
Field of View @ 100Yds: 47.2-11.9 ft
Exit Pupil Range in Variable: 10.2-4 mm
Eye Relief: 3 in
Length: 13.2 in
Weight: 25.2 oz
Coating: Diamond TuFF14
Reticle: Mil-Dot
Elevation MOA: 1/4
Windage MOA: 1/4
Main Tube: 1 in
Features of Leatherwood ART Scope M-1000 Auto Ranging Trajectory Rifle Scope:

Multi-Dial rings that permit this scope to be preprogrammed for up to 4 different zeros or multiple guns.
Cam roller that permits easier operation of the ART Scope system. (Interchangeable size rollers for more precise calibration of scope).
Mount with built in windage adjustment.
Quick focus eyepiece that allows easy multishooter use.
A No-Math Mil Dot reticle for easier ranging. You can turn this reticle to a true Mil Dot Reticle at 10x.

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Where are you located?

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Located in Torrance

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New Leatherwood reduced to $280.00

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Do you still have the Leatherwood M-1000 for sale? I am interested and live in Torrance. Grant (310) 850-2472