View Full Version : AR15: ZM Weapons Direct Impingement driven upper 5.56mm w/ side folding stock!

05-18-2007, 8:11 AM
ZM WEAPONS direct impingement uppers for your AR lowers. Slap on these HK style uppers on your AR rifle. Because these do not have a conventional buffer, tube nor spring, these uppers can be used with a sidefolding stock!
:kest: Remember, to extend the length of the muzzle with a 5.5" flash hider or fake can to be compliant with the 30" minimum rule when using a folding stock!
Optional side folding stock & flip up YHM sights. These are complete upper assemblies only - not complete rifles - you use your own lower half.
* Caliber .223
* Semi-Automatic
* 1 in 9" Rifling
* 16.5" Chrome Lined Barrel
* YHM 3 prong flash hider
* Skeleton fized stock
* Multi Sling Mount Points
* Flat Top Upper Receiver
* Picatinny Full Rail System
* Field Strips With NO TOOLS
If you wish to use your own tubed buttstock, you must use a buffer adapter from YHM. Remember these are gas piston uppers that need little or no cleaning of the bolt / carrier because very little of the gas is recycled back into your action! A member called this upper's action "direct impingement". :)
This is the buffer part that you need to get from YHM in order to use a standard M4 / A2 buttstock:

AVAILABLE 5/25/07:
Complete ZM Weapons 5.56 mm uppers starting at $1350.
Optional Side folding stock $250.
Optional F/R flip up sights $185.

05-31-2007, 3:06 PM
1 left for a super light weight - side folding upper!
Hurry !