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06-14-2012, 8:31 PM
Ok so, I finally made an account today after visiting the site a few times. I've always loved guns. I only have a glock 17 and am currently building a 9mm AR. I had so many damn questions about that AR and luckily many of them were already answered through here. I plan on buying more guns in the future too.
I went to this store called Gun Safari today to buy my stuff. And I promised them that I was going to post a review about them on here. But, being new to this site I don't know if there is a specific section to write in or what so I'm just gonna go ahead and write it here.

I heard about them on this website so I thought I'd give them a try. I'm building my first 9mm AR. Every place I checked for a 9mm upper was backordered, was too expensive or they just simply didn't sell them. I spoke with Daniel and he helped me out right away. He was able to order me the upper that I wanted (cmmg 9mm upper) and some other stuff for my build. Daniel and I believe the other guys name was Gino showed me all the different accessories that I can add to my AR and they didn't push me into buying something I didn't want, like they have in other stores. Their prices are WAY better than any other gun store I've been to and better than other online retailers!! It took three days for my stuff to arrive and best of all, shipping was FREE!! Can't go wrong with that! Their customer service was great, they were very helpful and respectful. I highly recommend Gun Safari. These guys just got bumped to my number one spot of places to go to when shopping for gun stuff. I will definitely be doing business with these guys in the future.

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