View Full Version : How to tighten up a loose ACS without using tape or anything on your tube!

06-11-2012, 3:41 PM
I had an ACS that would not tighten up on the receiver extension so after spending time online hunting down information (and there wasn't a lot out there) I started.
Use a dremel burr to expose on the left side battery compartment (under the flexible cover) the area that a roll pin would be if it was inserted from the right side (which you can see by lifting the flexible battery cover).
This hole you create will be covered by the battery compartment flexible cover.
After exposing the roll pin, drive it out (its a long roll pin).
The battery compartments are now easily removed by sliding them towards the butt so their locking tabs align with the release slots; they can then be pressed out from inside the tube.
You are then able to access the roll pin for removing the forward locking lever cover.
After removing the forward locking lever cover; remove the steel locking tab (has two ears) from its plastic holder (a small detent keeps it in place but is easily removed).
Carefully squeeze the u-shaped tabs together to achieve tightness, check your fit, don't overdue it!
Then reinstall everything except the long roll pin that pins the battery compartments, throw that away.
My loose ACS now locks up nice and tight as it should and looks great! Take your time, don't let the Dremel burr wander and you're go to go.
Here is an information link to tighten up the tabbed clamp after you remove the battery compartments. This should work with CTR's and STR's.

06-11-2012, 6:06 PM
Nice tech.

Work on the return key though....