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06-11-2012, 11:31 AM
I've been shooting 168gr Federal Gold Match out of my Winchester 70 and I've built up my DOPE for that round on the Winchester.

My question is... would the data be completely different if I were to use the same Federal 168gr Gold Match in my M1A? Here's the comparison...

Winchester 70, 24" barrel, 1:12 twist

Springfield M1A, 22" barrel, 1:11 twist

I'm only guessing but I would think the DOPE data would be close.

I'm trying to cheat and use the same DOPE data for the M1A cause I'm going to try a high-power match. Don't feel like going to the range to redo the DOPE for the M1A. With irons... I figure the impacts will be close enough and everything else would be on me.



06-11-2012, 11:37 AM
close enough, you have two sighters before every stage

where is the match held?

06-11-2012, 3:02 PM
The sights are adjustable, dope will/does change for light/wind/mirage/ammo/gun

Zero at 200 plus 3 moa at 300, plus 12-3moa for 600, adjust from your sighters and your assessment of where you broke the shot.

Before and after a sighter shot immediately use your spotting scope to look for a change that may have affected your shot that differs from where you think you broke the shot

Before the next shot immediately scope your target/take another mental snapshot of the conditions (wind direction/mirage-wind speed) and make a sight correction if you think it is necessary.

Your looking for wind direction and mirage (wind speed) and see if any changes may or have affected your past/present shot.

Make poractive sight corrections before the shot, not after the target comes up showing you the value/location (spotter) of the previous shot.

Dont "Chase the spotter", its a reactive approach to shooting, be proactive, its a crapshoot game/decision you make based on learning/knowing the affect the conditions have on sighting/sighting error/wind drift/your quality or lack of quality in your sling/shooting position that gets more critical at the longer distances.

Get used to using your sights, they are precision if properly tuned/tightened, dont play around with hold over, use the same sight picture!

After awhile you will get better at it and beat the wind and conditions and boost your confidence level in assessing/reading conditions and betting correctly.