View Full Version : Mini-30 Problem Trigger Housing falls out while firing. Trigger Guard releases.

06-10-2012, 7:20 PM
While firing a Mini-30 today the trigger housing group dropped twice. The trigger guard will snap back in and will not release to a hand pull.

I noted more recoil than on my Mini-14. Ammunition was East Euro stuff.

The rifle is a Ranch model and has a Walnut stock.

Is recoil causing this?

What is the best course for correction?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Mossy Man
06-10-2012, 7:24 PM
make sure your trigger guard isn't bent.

is the trigger guard snapping into place with a snug fit into the stock when you re-assemble?

does it take more pressure than on your mini-14 to snap it into place?

make sure to have the safety engaged before you disassemble the rifle, or else you might be bending the trigger guard out of spec and this causes it to pop out under load

Calif Mini
06-10-2012, 7:29 PM
Welcome to Calguns.

I suspect someone has actuated the takedown motion with to much vigor and slightly bent the trigger guard/trigger group latch, releasing some of the holding ability.

You can bend it back to the original shape and increase the retention which should solve the falling trigger group problem.

Where are you located?

And as long as we are here, what ammo are you using? Has nothing to do with a falling T-G but am trying to get a consensus on hard primer ammo and what Mini 30 gunners do to consistently fire this stuff.

06-11-2012, 3:32 AM
Thanks to all for the assist.

Ammo is stamped 7.62x39 and is steel cartridge with a brass primer. Every 5th round seems to mis-fire.

I will have the trigger guard checked. It doesn't seem to take more preassure to snap back into place than the Mini-14.

I live in TN. Aka. "Tick Country" this time of year. But born in CA.

Calif Mini
06-11-2012, 5:22 PM
Some mis-fires are cured with a Wolff extra power hammer spring.

I just made a little gadget that contains the hammer spring and is so simple to use. Makes changing one way to easy. Used this with a drill press. No more flying springs.

I will post a pic or a drawing when I get one if interested.