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06-10-2012, 3:01 PM
This morning I went to the Discount Gun range in San Diego to try out two new handguns I recently acquired. First I bought a new XD9 Tactical with a 5 inch barrel. The other I bought was a Glock 17 that was previously owned but barely used, like maybe 100-200 rounds through it. It also had a trigger job and night sights, and I got it for a bargain price. I got the Glock mainly to shoot a Glock when my wife shoots hers.

I put about 150 rounds through the XD9 to start its break-in. It takes a few hundred rounds in my not expert opinion before all the moving parts work out their differences and everything slides smoothly. I was able to get probably 75% of my hits within a six inch bullseye at 7 yards, which is good for me these days. The gun put the rounds where I aimed it, and I felt comfortable with it since I already have an XD in .45. I think my next handgun will be another XD .45 with the tactical 5 inch barrel instead of the 4 inch I now have.

The Glock was different though. My normal point of aim had it hitting about 4 inches high at the same range. Iíll just have to practice more with it was my conclusion after talking with some of the experts in the store.

Frankly, I just shoot better with XDs. I'm better with the XD .45 than with a 1911 or Ruger P345, and better with the XD9 than with the Ruger or the Glock.

I used Blazer Brass because it was $10 a box at the range. Both guns had hiccups with it, both FTF and FTE. On the bright side I did have a chance to practice malfunction drills.:D

I also noticed that the XD was having trouble going into battery with a full magazine and did not lock open on an empty one. They are factory XD magazines so I am wondering what the cause it. I can believe the failure to go into battery with the first round is because the spring is so tight, so that should work out after a while.

The Glock magazines were so new and tight I could get only 9 rounds in one even with a loader. I expect these springs to loosen up with time too.

A good time at the range this morning.

06-10-2012, 3:24 PM
Its common for people that switch to glock after having shot a different gun with a more traditional grip angle to shoot high for a bit before they acclimate.

I always shoot XDs high because of their dreaded 6'o clock hold. My XD9 was so bad that I had to aim 2-3 inches low at 7 yards to hit what I wanted to. I can switch between glock, 1911, and CZ and shoot where in aiming all day.

06-10-2012, 3:28 PM
dude, $10/box of range ammo is great.

06-10-2012, 3:32 PM

06-10-2012, 3:34 PM
X2 for the deal on ammo. In all seriousness i have both the xd, and glock. Get a snap cap and dry fire both til u are comfortable with each gun's trigger press. Both guns should be accurate out of the box. I also suggest cleaning and lubing all new guns prior to shooting them for the first time. Enjoy!

06-10-2012, 4:13 PM
I am with you there leman77- learning to field strip and clean is the first thing I do with a weapon new to me. You can never tell what the factory or previous owner left there.

It may be overkill, but I do my first oil change at 750-1000 miles on the theory that the machining debris should be suspended in the oil and the new oil will replace it without having little metal bits chiseling into things for 3000 miles.

daybreak, The ammo was not a top performer, but on the way out I bought another 1000 rounds. It goes bang and I save the brass to reload.

I guess I am used to the 6 o'clock hold with the XD. I am not a shooter concerned with pinpoint precision since my old eyes and hands don't allow that anymore. So I am pleased to be in a 6 inch circle at 7-10 yards. But I will continue my dry practice with both. Indoor range lighting is less than ideal and I generally have problems seeing the front sight very well.

Unfortunately I don't get to the range as often as I would like as they are so few and far away in San Diego, so getting out today was just pleasant. It is fun to shoot.

06-10-2012, 4:28 PM
XD & Glock club http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/images/icons/icon14.gif

XD not locking on empty, check your right thumb grip.
That slide stop is way too big, compared to the Glock.

06-10-2012, 4:32 PM
Your Avatar looks interesting. Are those machine guns installed inside a wing of a plane? :D

Not seeing the front sight well and different grip angle from a Glock 17 probably resulted in 4 inch high. :).

And I aggree, it is fun to shoot :D.

06-10-2012, 5:15 PM
tbc, the avatar is the 50 cal gun arrangement on the right wing of the P-47. 8 X 50 cals is a real statement of firepower, whether 1944 or today.

I think grip angle is one of those subtle factors you do not feel but can only measure based on point of impact.

MA2, I'll check my right thumb position, but I think it was out of the way on top of my left thumb. I have pretty big hands that seem to get in the way of everything so I am reasonably careful about my grip. That is not to say I am perfect and don't revert to bad habits.

As I said, making ammo go bang sure beats stacking it on the shelf!

06-10-2012, 6:45 PM
Nice deal on the ammo but both times I have shot it, my gun looks like it went through 1000 rounds since the last time I cleaned it. Lots of brass shavings all over the place. I did not see this much after shooting 500 rounds of aguila's 124 gr 9mm. My sig was still nice and accurate but just don't get why I see so much brass shavings all over the inside.

06-11-2012, 11:03 AM
Malfunctions out of the Glock??? Bizarre.. The mag springs will definitely loosen up over time.

Tip when target shooting with the glock:

Squeeze the trigger half way until you're at the resistance stage, continue to aim while ever so slightly applying consistent pressure to the trigger until it breaks. Don't anticipate the break or else you will flinch. Unlike some guns that have a POI that hovers above the front sight, the point of impact on the Glock sits directly above the front sight when the front and rear are perfectly aligned. I've noticed that when the sights are aligned correctly, a small lower portion of the "dot" on the front sight is concealed below the rear notch (Factory plastic sights). I'm sure none of this is new info, but thought I'd share some things I've learned while shooting a Glock. & congrats

Tee Why
06-12-2012, 9:00 AM
XD & Glock club http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/images/icons/icon14.gif

XD not locking on empty, check your right thumb grip.
That slide stop is way too big, compared to the Glock.

Yea, I've the same problem with my XD9. Not a big deal for me.
I've also a glock 21SF and in retrospect would have gotten a G19 instead as I like the Glock system more than the XD's. But it's all a personal choice.

06-12-2012, 1:08 PM
I have aftermarket 3 dot sights on the Glock and was aiming the same way I aim with the XD9. I'll have to shoot some more to really characterize what I am doing.

I have a lot of rounds through my XD .45 and the XD9 shoots about the same point of aim. Because I have more experience with the XD, that is what I expect from the sights.

I'll just have to practice more with the Glock to get the aim point where I want it to be. More shooting- I don't see a problem there at all.:D

Dinosaur Jr
06-16-2012, 10:16 AM
tbc, the avatar is the 50 cal gun arrangement on the right wing of the P-47. 8 X 50 cals is a real statement of firepower, whether 1944 or today.

The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was one badass plane...