View Full Version : Need Tile & Stone Contractor in East LA/SGV

06-09-2012, 4:37 PM
Two calgunners here who are expert T&C contractors have given me excellent advice (Paul and Wade). Unfortunately, they are too far from me for me to hire them.
What I'd really like to find is someone who works like they do - licensed and bonded experts who do the work themselves. One expert guy who knows what he's doing is faster than five idiots guys digging a hole in your bathroom, I've been told, and I agree.

It's been almost a year and I haven't been able to find anyone like that on my own. The closest I've found is a company called Mr. Fix, Inc (http://www.mrfixla.com/Home_Page.html) that seems to have very good reviews. Not a single contractor, but at least he comes with a fairly sterling reputation.

Before I hire them, I'd like to try one more time here on CGN. If anyone knows of a referral, that would help as well.

Here's what needs to be done on my parent's shower stall:
1) Protect and plastic off work area
2) Demo existing shower haul away debris
3) Cut back step through end wall framing to open up walls like the drawing
4) Repair any water damaged wood in the shower area,(2x4's or sub floor typically get rotted with leaks)
5) Install a new sub-drain and shower valve, raising the shower head to 80" is always a good idea
6) Install hot mop waterproofing (accept no substitutes for this)
7) Wrap heavy tar paper around walls, wrap 2.5 expanded metal lath on walls, put first coat of cement on walls (scratch coat)
8) Apply second coat of cement on walls (establishes plumb, square and parallel on the walls)
9) Install tile on walls and floor
10) Grout
11) Do finish plumbing
12) Install new shower door or curtain

The current set-up is a tile shower stall with a door.

If you are a T&C contractor or know of a good one that would come out to this part of town, please let me know. I'm hoping to get this done for Father's Day (or shortly after) as this is for my parent's bathroom.