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The Banana
06-07-2012, 10:17 AM
I know what an odd topic. I have read post after post about both CalGunners being taken for everything in divorces — losing their guns, their dogs and having their guns used against them when it comes to child custody AND CalGunners doing their best to protect their families but not always knowing how to protect their kids.

At every new company I go to, I try to figure out what I can get for CalGunners because, frankly, a lot of you have taken care of me.

In child custody, in CA, when a judge orders a 730 Child custody evaluation (often broken down to a 3111 or 3118) usually a social worker or a psychologist is called in to interview all the parties, then make a recommendation to the courts. Its highly subjective, its dependent on the mood and existing preconceptions of the interviewer, and after all everyone can have a bad day under stress so you are really on the spot in the interview. When a 730 is ordered you have other options, options that are FAR more objective and measurable. Moreover in a divorce, you cannot exactly trust your lawyer because they are promoted and make money based on how long the conflict drags out (meaning more billable hours) rather than a speedy and painless end to the dispute. If you need help understanding the process when it comes to child custody, what other options you have to help you find a good outcome, and generally take away the FUD; I can help. For CalGunners I am happy to set up a free consult where you simply get educated on how it works.

In child abuse issues, you often don't know what to look for when you meet people and allow them access to your children. Worse, child abusers look "normal" they are studied in how to blend in and are more often than not charming. Sometimes, you think maybe there might be something wrong with your child but you don't know, is it normal child angst, drugs, abuse, what? Worse if something DID happen, how you prove it is mind bogglingly hard because its often the word of a child against an adult (a charming prepared sociopathic adult). The same exact process we use for child custody is the one we use in determining child abuse. So if you think your child was abused, happy again to set up a consult to help you sort out everything you want to ponder even down to the types of lawyers you might want to employ.

Our system is admissible in court and has worked in a ton of cases (both proving and disproving the allegations): child abuse, child custody, police shooting (necessary shooting vs one of police misconduct), church abuse, domestic violence, and I am assuming in some criminal matters it could be employed as well. It is objective and is based on enormous amounts of cross functional research to substantiate its conclusions. Moreover KB's talks have empowered a ton of people to understand that they can make he-said she-said into more objective points to bring to court on their own if necessary.

With both of those topics, if you have a group of 20+ I will get you a speaker to enlighten and educate (and not sell a single thing). We are in Newport so be kind in distance, but frankly if you are up north and have a great group of people who want to learn, we'll sort out a way to get our President up there to speak. I will post her speaking topics below (she speaks on domestic violence as well). Our president is a 22 year veteran of the Palm Springs PD, she specializes in domestic violence and child abuse. What she has found is, more often than not, abusers follow identifiable patterns of behavior. Some of those patterns require super sleuth knowledge and technology to uncover. Others do not. Based on that finding she can educate on the red flags to look for when you vet people that you might allow around your children and strategies to consider if you are going through child custody with a blizzard of accusations. Her husband and I run the business end of the business, our President is ALL about the kids, what's best for them how to prove what is best for them and how to end abuse. So she will talk and educate for as long as you are willing to listen.

Speech Topics:

Risk Assessment: how are your children (and grandchildren) at risk for abuse and how to spot the potential signs
In today’s complex world, “stranger danger” doesn’t stop child abuse from happening. What are the signs? Who are potential abusers? How can you predict who should warrant your closer inspection? Are you being paranoid?

K will help you consider your own risk assessment of teachers, coaches, tutors, friends and yes, even family. She will walk you through some of the red flags that you as a parent should be aware. In some cases, no amount of vigilance stops abuse so K will give what you should look for in your children to spot if abuse that has already happened. And if the unthinkable happens? K will explain the process that you will want to follow.

Child Custody: Beyond what the lawyers say, how the system works
Everyone knows that divorce is ugly. When children are involved, it can become downright explosive. Petty grievances can spiral into intense and life altering allegations. The weight of determining what is fabrication, distortion and real abuse and neglect is not an easy task and yet it is left in the hands of a single individual – a judge who is every bit as human as you are. Adding fuel to the fire, a lawyer’s goal is not to end the case quickly; a lawyer is measured and promoted by the number of billable hours he or she bills you.

How do you navigate the system? What do you need to document? How can you work so that reality is reflected in the information presented to the judge? What can you do what is best for your children? Is a social worked the best option to review your case? What alternatives do you have? How do you manage your lawyer to the best possible outcome for your children? If abuse is involved, how do you protect your children?

The Banana
06-19-2012, 8:45 AM