View Full Version : Looking for a Digital and Cell Forensics Expert

The Banana
06-07-2012, 9:05 AM
We just lost ours back to a PD, we have been interviewing the last two weeks and have yet to find a perfect fit. I should have thought about posting this sooner, apologies. We have a shoestring lab, located in Newport by John Wayne. If you are not local but have the credentials, we are happy to talk.

We are a small but established firm in predictive risk assessment and we are moving into Digital Forensics outsourcing.

We actually are looking for two positions. We need a VP who will be setting up the lab (with duct tape, coat hangers and magic) that job we are looking to fill ASAP. That requires knowledge, an understanding of start-up mode (meaning doing it cheap and having a plan to grow) and frankly if you can speak in public forums so much the better as part of my job is to make our new VP look like the world's top expert on the topic. We have a pending JV with an established provider of cell recovery so once that takes effect we will then also need to hire one or two lab techs. The difference between the VP and the techs is that in addition to being able to do the work and have the amazing credential that I will pimp, they also need to feel comfortable with the stress of managing the equipment needs AND public speaking/business development. They will have a coach and people helping them but the last two stressors are not for everyone. I am happy to give a link to our web site etc in a PM.

The Banana
06-13-2012, 11:32 AM
Bump. We are interviewing still, I forgot to mention that we have a JV with a well known mobile forensics firm and that is the reason for this hard push ASAP. The requirements have changed slightly, we need someone to run and help set up the lab only. The position that slides above that will need to be partially this, partially software development and hopefully take over our web stuff as well.