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06-06-2012, 9:10 AM
Hi guys, I am new to this forum and I need your assistance & guidance how to use or navigate my way through this forum to find what I've been looking for and that is a CAI AES-10B RPK. I tried almost every shop or website that carries it outside Cali and they've been nothing but A** holes, they treat us like we made these s***ty gun rules in our state. So much for a fellow NRA member and defender of the second amendment :mad:
Thanks allot guys for all your help

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Welcome from the Bay Area!

You try this yet? (sold out but they are willing to ship to CA)

06-06-2012, 10:03 AM
Thanks for welcoming me onegtalon, I actually tried them several times. their problem is that they dictate what is California Compliant!! they would not put a bullet button on any weapon that is not advertised on their " California Compliant" list even though it is legal in California as long as it got a bullet button and a 10Rd mag. Actually all they got to do is disassemble the 40Rd mag and send it with the gun and its legal but they don't want a sell I guess

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Ask your FFL if they would install it for you upon receipt if possible.

06-06-2012, 11:14 AM
My FFL dealer (Mount Pleasant Arms) have already contacted these sites that have the RPK in stock and offered to send them a bullet button or they can ship to him and he will install it, BUT sad to say, they refused both options!!!

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glock 357
06-06-2012, 2:11 PM
Have you tried Valkyrie Arms in Santa Clara?

06-06-2012, 2:30 PM
They don't carry Century Arms product do they? I thought they make their on stuff! Well, they are as expensive or maybe more than Arsenal Arms. I asked them to convert a Saiga 7.62x39 to an under-folder with Russian color style wood furniture once and they wanted $1200!!. I ended up getting a WASR 10/63 1973 (in an immaculate condition) and a Polish AKMS (both brand new) for $1198 out of the door from Peter at Mount Pleasant Arms.

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I posted a WTB on CalGuns and AR15.com on June the 8th, not even one response, I bet cause I live in Cali. So much for supporting & assisting a fellow NRA member:patriot::banghead:

06-11-2012, 10:56 AM
Times are bad for looking for somewhat rare black rifles - there's an election year buying craze going on. With that said, Apex still has Romanian RPK parts kits and barrels, I believe, so you can build one. All-in-all it cost me about $600-700 to build my RPK, counting the BP costs. It turned out to be quite accurate for an AK, and ridiculously easy to shoot (due to weight and the bipod) - I was hitting a 3" steel target with every shot at 100 yds from prone, and a friend of mine, who was shooting for the first time, hit that target a bit over a half of the time. The target got destroyed though :(

06-11-2012, 2:15 PM
Nick my friend, I appreciate your reply and the suggestion in regards to building one off of a parts kit. My frustration is caused by these online shops like Classic Arms, Center-fire Systems and J&G sales that have these AK variants in stock but they would not go the extra mile (for a fellow NRA member!!) and install a bullet button (that takes couple of minutes to install and my FFL dealer is willing to supply them with the kit). I even asked Classic Arms not to send me a mag with the damn rifle, they didn't even bother to reply to my email.