View Full Version : 5.11 "Trainer's Belt" Brand New

05-14-2007, 7:11 PM
I have a brand new OD 5.11 Tactical Trainer's belt (M).

This is a good quality 5-stitch belt that will support most any holster or other equipment, they say it will also support 5k+ pounds, so it could be used as an emergency rappelling system, depending on your pants ;) .

I had originally purchased a large in black, and it was too large for me to use in conjunction with my holster (excess wrapped around too far) so I exchanged it and they didn't have a medium in black. Unfortunately I need a black one for work (black shirt, OD belt would look bad), and all my holsters are black cowhide anyway. I paid $36.50+tax for it, but I know I won't get that, I'm just looking to get a little cash back so I can order a black one. If you don't care what color your belt is, or anyone who wears BDU trousers regularly, this is your deal. Call it $28 shipped?

Details: 5.11 Trainer's Belt (http://www.511tactical.com/index.asp?dlrID=511&dept=61&number=59409)
Color: Olive Drab
Size: Medium (31-35")
Width: 1.5"