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06-04-2012, 6:55 PM
So last friday i went to p/u my new remington 870 i was told and given a letter from the DoJ i had been delayed. I called the doj right away and they told me that the put me on hold because they wanted more info about my arrest on 7-4-1992 a misdemeanor. So i get home and call the courthouse, they inform me that misdemeanor records are destroyed after 10 years. So i spent 4 hours sunday going through my storage room because i knew i kept all my court papers. So i called DoJ today told them what i had and they didnt sound like that would be what they wanted, although i have the case #, the file #. the misdemeanor #, my booking # the court papers stating they are misdemeanor charges. So i decided to call the jail and see if they keep copies of the release forms, they dont but told me to call their records department. Gave them a call and they told me that they kept the records indefinatly, so for $10 the will give you a disertation ( i think thats what they called it) THIS IS WHAT THE DOJ WANTS IF YOU ARE ON DELAY, it is a printout that follows everything from your arrest to the final court room verdict. So if you are having this problem or have a friend that is, this is the easiest solution to the problem. I hope that this helps those in similar jams!!!!

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Hope that clears it for ya brother!

....Meanwhile, some criminal pays cash for some illegal "assault weapon" and 100 round drums to certainly use against us law abiding citizens! /rant

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i did fill out the the cgf form, i just want to try to help ppl out with a quick way they can fix it themselves also, after i have spent hours on the phone making calls and tracking down where to go to fix this