View Full Version : Appraisal Needed ~ JLD PTR91k w/ German Parts and Trijicon Scope ~ Pic included

06-04-2012, 3:27 PM
Hello all,
I am wondering if there is a market for a JLD PTR91k with 16" barrel, HK wide forearm, HK all metal bipod, HK claw mount w/ 30mm scope rings, 30mm to 1 inch scope mount rings, new Trijicon TR20R 3-9x40 optic, 2 - 5rnd HK magazine, and "multiple" 20 and 30 rebuild kits. (I believe that I have HK German ambi sling for this rifle also)

I assume that someone may or may not want to take my "crappy" Trijicon scope (LoL), so I wanted to know what a fair price would be with and w/o the scope.

This isn't a WTS ad. I have not decided to sell this rifle. I just realized that after cleaning my safe, that I bought this rifle back in 2006 and only shot it ONE time. I fell in love with HK rifles and bout this and put a few dollars into it. HOWEVER, I just don't shoot it barely ever. I would call it a safe queen since the day I bought it. It is "almost" and range virgin. Hahahaha.

BTW ~ Since I never really shot it, in order to keep it 100% legal I placed a piece of shaped metal just in the right place to prevent the mag button from being depressed. The trigger group can be removed and that piece of metal can easily be taken off. It is not permanent in anyway, nor is the original rifle altered in anyway. It just "sits" in such a way that when the trigger housing and the rest of the rifle are assembled, it blocks the mag release button in order to comply with CA law.


06-04-2012, 5:27 PM
A picture of the front end