View Full Version : My Father in law bought me a shotgun

06-03-2012, 4:49 PM
His daughter and I have been together for 20 years. He's always been a grumpy sumbich. He is all about fishing and hunting. He's 92 and still enjoys it. I cant fish on the ocean. I puke the entire time. Lost points with him from the get go. A couple years he realized I'm a good man. Then I got my hunting license. He was so excited he told me he was giving me his Remington 1100!!

A couple days pass and he calls and said he forgot that he promised it to his son. I told him No Problem. Dont worry about it. I totally understand. But he said he was getting me a shotgun and that's that! (I wasnt gonna argue).

Got a call yesterday. He said he has a shotgun for me. I assumed it was the 1100 and told him he needs to give that to his son. He then told me it is a Stoeger 3500 in black.

I know very little about shotguns. But it looks like a good hunter.

I'm stoked. He's gonna ship it to my FFL. Cant wait.