View Full Version : kushnapup 7.62 922r

06-02-2012, 8:53 AM
so i am making a kushnapup 7.62x39 20' barreled rifle. kush's website says atf counts the stock as 2 us parts...
a buttstock, a pistol grip, or a foream/handgaurd? u have them all molded into the stock...
so if they count the kush stock as 1 part(perhaps "buttstock"), and the trigger as 1 part, what about the actual trigger? is it still counted? and obviously the pistol grip is not foriegn, nor is the forearm/hanguard(if thats what u consider that thing in front of the pistol grip) so whats what?. should i just mail the atf on this?? it will be using US mags(3 parts)