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Hi, we are having a couple of handguns sold to us by a friend in new mexico. We are going out there in a couple weeks for vacation and will pick up the guns.

What will we need to do to transfer the guns into our name. I have a california license but my husband does not. What are the steps we will have to take? I don't want to be illegal but the whole point of this is to avoid a bunch of nosense that California makes you go through. We are from Texas and are used to an easy buying process.

Help is much appreciated!

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Are you california residences? If so, what you propose is illegal. Those handguns have to be given or delivered to a California FFL who does the paperwork and holds them for the 10 day wait. Its a federal issue since you are buying across state lines.

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Yes, I am a California resident. So I can't just take them to an ffl myself after purchase? There is no way for me to bring them across state lines and take care of registering after that?

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The person who owns them can loan them to you. You can drive them to a California FFL and begin the process of transfer and the ten day wait. They do have to be on the roster.

At least, that is my opinion, and I do know that it has been done successfully. There is nothing that demands that guns be shipped, and there is a provision in the US code for loaning firearms for lawful purposes.

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Is there anyone else who can verify what Paul0660 said?

And whwn you said they have to be on the roster, what do you mean by that?

I really appreciate all the help! Also, would it be easier to mail them while we are in new Mexico with our friend? And if so, how do we do that?

I would really prefer the easiest and cheapest way of doing things, but I also dont want to get screwed.

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the only way to do it is have the guns sent to a california FFL, who will charge a transfer fee, probably a pretty high one, and have them start the dros for you to receive them. however the guns have to be on the california approved roster unless they are single shot or single action revolvers (im 90 percent sure on that little tid bit) http://certguns.doj.ca.gov/. Im sure someone will chime in if i am wrong, but im almost sure it has to be done this way to stay in the law.

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Please see:



The only loan possible is:

A person may loan or rent a firearm to a resident of any State for temporary use for lawful sporting purposes, if he does not know or have reasonable cause to believe the person is prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms under Federal law.

A loan for purposes of a transfer would not meet the definition of "temporary use for lawful sporting purposes".

You should find a CA FFL near you to do the transfer. Fees vary, so it is best to figure it out in advance. As said, handguns must be on the certified list unless the firearm or you is exempt (single action of a minimum size, single shot of a minimum size, LEO, etc.).

Unless you maintain a residence in TX, you have to follow CA laws (with respect to the certified list). If you had bought the firearms prior to your moving to CA, then it would not need to be on the certified list and only a form would need to be sent in. You also need to follow Federal law. Failure to do so could result in your no longer being able to own firearms, as well as free room & board in a government facility.

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Too bad you're not moving to NM then moving back to CA.

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