View Full Version : How/where can I get an AES-10B AK (RPK) in cali?

Mr. Gillious
06-01-2012, 6:39 PM
I just came from my local gun shop and they said that I couldn't get the AES-10B from classicarms.com because it comes with a 40 round mag and there's no bullet button. But then again, they said to call them first

My goal right now is to get an AES10-B. I thought I'd be able to get this rifle because Atlantic firearms was just selling them like last year.

Does anybody know how I can get my hands on this rifle?


06-02-2012, 11:48 AM
I want to say Atlantic had these available until VERY recently (like a couple weeks ago). You should give both places a call. But of course, Atlantic is a lot more likely to play the bullet button/rebuild kit game with us though. You could also post in the 'want to buy' forum. I'm sure there's a good number in California, although they don't often show up in the marketplace. I was able to pick one up a month or two ago off another Calgunner, so they are out there, you just have to be diligent and patient if you go this route. Good luck in your search!

06-02-2012, 11:59 AM
You can also build one. Apex has the parts kits and barrels now, and build parties happen all the time.

Mr. Gillious
06-05-2012, 5:47 AM

So I just called classic arms and they said they can't ship the aes10b RPK to cali.

The only place I know that has an RPK is from this dude around sacramento. FYI i'm from the 650 area so that's kind of a drive, but i'm willing to drive it if it's my last choice.

Does anybody know ANY PLACE that will ship an aes10b to cali or anyone who is selling one?

06-05-2012, 7:53 PM
PM me...I am thinking of getting rid of mine (buying a new Grand Cherokee very soon and I really want a sunroof). Let me know your offer and I will say yay or nay. Fair? They seem pretty hard to come by. You can build as well...I live in the East Bay - Castro Valley but my goodies are in Santa Barbara. I am home every other weekend and we can meet or you can drive to my house - I am up there this weekend but have a few grad parties to attend with the family so this weekend is out...I am not desperate so keep that in mind.

Darn you want what I have...Seems you want a Draco as well but that was the champ of 5 Dracos I got to choose from...Best went to me and one went to my buddy.

Another suggestion...Call DAS in San Diego...I got mine from them but I travel up and down CA so buying guns all over is never an issue.

Let me know bro and if not good luck in your quest.

06-06-2012, 10:23 AM
Your best bet of getting one quickly would be to have an out of state "middle man" FFL receive the weapon, neuter it and ship it to a local dealer. If I were you I would contact Peter at Mount Pleasant Arms (http://www.mparms.com/). He is in East San Jose, has agreements with middle men FFL in place and will do whatever it takes to bring stuff into CA. He may even have a source for an AES-10B directly.

He brought this one on for me from Atlantic.