View Full Version : Anyone here ever SSE a Para P13.45? Part question

06-01-2012, 11:33 AM
So I'm new to SSE, fortunately my local shop will transfer guns that have had the conversion performed.

Basically the P13.45 is a commander size 1911 with Para's double stack frame. Is there anyone here with experience doing the SSE on one of these before?

At the moment I need to find a source for extra long grip screws. As for long barrels, I found an affordable source from Sarco, but does anyone know if they'll work in a Para double stack commander?


Edit: I found out that Para uses ramped barrels. So far the ones I've seen are nonramped. Will a nonramped barrel still fit in a gun that is has a section machined out of the frame for a ramped barrel - will it still be good for SSE?