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05-31-2012, 2:39 PM
When is a dues increase, not really a dues increase?
When you can keep your dues the same by helping CRPA save money…

Your CRPA Board of Directors is constantly monitoring and reviewing the financial management of our association and your CRPA is not immune to the same forces affecting all of us. There has not been a membership dues increase for the CRPA over the past six years and during this same period of time our economy has experienced great upheavals. CRPA has seen expenses slowly increase across the board and at the same time revenues have been shrinking.

One of the biggest annual expenses for the CRPA is the publication of The Firing Line and over the past six months or so, you have seen articles in The Firing Line from both CRPA President Tony Montanarella and me explaining the situation to our members and asking all of you for your suggestions. Well, many of you gave us great ideas and many more of you agreed to either take The Firing Line in an e-mail version or to pay the difference for the hard copy version to be printed and mailed to you. We sincerely appreciate those of you who stepped up to the plate. Unfortunately, that group was less than 10% of our total membership, which is 30,000 plus. It just wasn’t enough to solve the problem, but it did serve to forge a creative solution. So here’s our plan of attack.

At the February 25, 2012 CRPA Board of Directors meeting a motion was unanimously passed to increase the membership dues of the association by $5.00 at each level other than the Life membership categories with this important caveat… If you are willing to take The Firing Line by e-mail, you will not pay the additional $5/year.

Here are the details. EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2012 – Regular Annual Memberships, 3-Year, and 5-Year memberships all go up by $5 at the time of renewal (Including all categories of Club and Business members). At the time of renewal you’ll be given an opportunity to choose the $5 increase or to take The Firing Line by e-mail instead and avoid the increase.

All categories of CRPA life membership go up by $25 if you prefer a printed and mailed hard copy of The Firing Line. Of course the cost of all life memberships would stay the same for those accepting an e-mailed version of the monthly magazine. Current and existing Life members are not affected, but are still strongly encouraged to take the e-mailed version of The Firing Line. Consider that the money we save when you opt to receive The Firing Line electronically will be spent furthering gun rights in California.

These increases are effective TOMORROW June 1, so if you are currently an annual member, you have an opportunity to upgrade to either a multi-year member or even a life member now before the increase takes effect. Call (714) 992-2772 today to sign up as a new member, renew, or click here (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001oLg2t4FozcDiraty1xyEYsutQSf7LSGEvO380q zIqWel4KwLAqt6N6gOJ2zfwOXYDrmlTFUS4C8qY1Ta8vHfkek2 XTgQc64B2QITIjXxygyVKA1WC2uS5XXyZAqKk1__MjbyMGJBvi 9ymuzMXfmO_Q==) to join or renew online.

We appreciate your understanding and your continued support.