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05-31-2012, 11:42 AM
*****NOTE***** I am NOT a trained shooter and do not claim to be. The report you are about to read will NOT contain average to wonderful results. Yet they are mine and I would like to share them with those who are curious. Enjoy

I picked up my CZ75B on the 28th and have just returned from taking her out for the first time. First I will state some data points:

Round Count: 200

Ammunition: 175rds LAX Range reloads 115gr FMJ, 25rds Federal HST 124gr+P hollow points

Distance: 7 Yards

Failures: 0

My Observations:

- After 150 rounds the slide glides like butter on the steel frame :)

- The rear sights are really narrow and can be a little difficult to keep a decent sight picture

- As expected the recoil is really manageable and amazingly the 124 grain+P felt like 115gr FMJ!!!

-The magazines still rattle while fully loaded, but I did not notice it while shooting and handling the weapon

- This gun is AMAZING.

1. First 10rds

2. After settling in and 100 some rounds later.

3. First 10 rds of 124gr+P HST Hollow Points

4. Next 10 rds of 124gr+P HST Hollow Points (Top Left Corner)


- With more rounds down range and getting some professional instruction I believe I will be able to really hone in on this weapon. For ME, this firearms is really accurate, the recoil is low, the single action trigger is decent enough for me, and so far it feeds whatever I give it. Hope this helped.

05-31-2012, 1:00 PM
SWEET! Can't wait to get my range report up here Friday evening

05-31-2012, 2:06 PM
Nice OP!

We should post more range reports. I will post my PPQ range report this weekend.

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Lead Waster
05-31-2012, 3:15 PM
Wow, I like how the hollowpoints really punch out a nice circle!

Well done, as you get better, that circle will get smaller and smaller! Practice makes perfect!

05-31-2012, 4:33 PM
Thanks for the well layed out and easy to read range report dude! Let's go shooting soon.

05-31-2012, 7:29 PM
did your guys' new CZs come with the test casing? Mine did not.

05-31-2012, 8:46 PM
@ Daybreak yea we have to arrange a time. My CZ did not come with a test casing shell, I believe the paper target is used instead.

05-31-2012, 9:07 PM
Those groups look like mine haha, I'm usually able to stack at least three shot ragged hole out of ten the rest are usually low and left, need to work on my grip and trigger pull, I with I had some friends to shoot with :(

05-31-2012, 9:46 PM
Awesome gun! Buy some more rounds and practice practice practice! Look up YouTube vids on grip and trigger control. They helped me a lot! Happy shooting!

05-31-2012, 9:49 PM
Glad you liking your CZ op.

06-01-2012, 1:50 PM
did your guys' new CZs come with the test casing? Mine did not.
No casings. They come with a digital printout of a 5-shot test target, but no empty shell. (also a plastic cleaning rod and a cleaning brush, warranty and owner's manual)

06-01-2012, 1:58 PM
Nice OP!

We should post more range reports. I will post my PPQ range report this weekend.

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I agree. I'm thinking about doing one on my p229 EE within the next few days.

06-01-2012, 2:02 PM
No casing with mine either. As mentioned above, practice your grip, stance, and trigger pull. I only change one thing at a time so I can determine what I may be doing wrong. The best thing to do is keep shooting it. The gun will smoothen out more with use and as you become more accustomed to it.

06-01-2012, 4:24 PM
Mines did not come with a spent casing. I believe the picture target is used in replacement.,

06-01-2012, 5:13 PM
I don't think they include a spent casing.

06-09-2012, 1:45 PM
range report 2 coming up.

06-09-2012, 8:37 PM