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05-30-2012, 8:23 AM
Hey guys, My name is Ben, I'm a retired Navy vet (Special Warfare Combat Crewman). I grew up in Southern California (Outside San Bernadino, Yucaipa) but now live in Texas with my wife who is still on active duty (Army). I found your site in a basic search and thought it was a great place and I felt the need to support my brothers in my home state.
I will have to say, I feel all of your pain on not being able to have "correct" toys and the parts they deserve.
I do have some questions for those who would know the answer. I may be moving back to California temporarily for the military. I have changed my residence years ago and I own a pretty healthy collection (currently 73 weapons) most of which are not CA legal, but coming in with military orders and I own these weapons prior to, can I bring them with me? and can I use them in the state? I know I can't bring my NFA and title II pieces with me, I own suppressors, two full auto machine guns (M1919, and HK G3) as well as a couple SBR's, also I own a M98B, is it allowed? Outside of those, can I bring the rest of my stuff?
Thanks guys and great site

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AK all day
05-30-2012, 8:35 AM
Welcome to cal guns! Hopefully someone who knows what they are talking about can answer your questions, I don't want to give bum info.

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Welcome to Calguns! :)

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Ben welcome aboard !

I think you should ask your gun related questions in a different forum such as general gun discussions, you'll receive better answers there.

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Welcome aboard, Ben! And, thank you very much for serving.

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Thanks Gunners Mate,
I just thought I would include it in my introduction to get the ball rolling. I'll make another post to see what information I can get.

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welcome to the forum.

SoCal Bob
05-30-2012, 1:12 PM
Hi Ben, welcome to Calguns.

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Welcome to the site and thank you to you and your wife for serving this great nation!

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Welcome to CalGuns, Ben. Thanks for your service! :patriot:

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welcome to CalGuns!!

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Welcome aboard!

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Thank you and welcome!

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Thank you for serving and welcome aboard!

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Special Agent R
05-31-2012, 7:46 PM
Welcome Ben and thank you and your wife for your service and nice guns by the way.

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Welcome to Calguns!

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Welcome aboard! I believe you've already found another better area for your Qs and got good As there.

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Welcome aboard and thank you both for your service.