View Full Version : Metalform & ACT magazines?

05-28-2012, 9:10 PM
Anyone have experience with Metalform mags for .380 Mustangs and/or ACT mags for .45 P220?

Looking into giving my stock magazines (some nearing 25 years old) a break.

05-29-2012, 1:19 PM
I've been using ACT-Mag in my 220 since they came on the market...they replaced my dove-tail back 7 round factory magazines for duty carry. I'd heard they were a bit more fragile than the factory Mec-Gar magazine then coming with the 220 so I just bought a bunch (20+) at a good price.

They have fed perfectly since day one and I haven't had the lips spread on my like the older factory magazines.

ACT-Mags is a company formed by former Mec-Gar employees