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APEG Armory
05-28-2012, 8:13 PM
This summer I will be re-taking my EMT-1 Basic class to work towards accumulatng the hours as an EMT to qualify for Paramedic school, but the job I currently have working for a Short Sale company isn't going to work. The class is a crash course, 8 weeks, 8 hours a day (8:30-5:30 Mon. though Thurs.) - just looking for anything I can do Fridays and weekends. I'm somewhat limited physically due to back injuries from a car accident, but I work hard, learn fast and am willing to try anything to get me by while taking the classes. I can send a resume and cover letter if requested through PM. My job previous to this one was giving triage support in an after horus call center to Hospice and Home Health patients. I finished training in one week, 3 weeks earlier than what was set up. I was awarded employee of the month my first month working there and was moved up to supervisor the day my 3 month probationary period ended. I left due to the fact I sort of hit a glass ceiling in a way, the company was not expanding and I had no opportunity for further growt personally or professionally.

I appreciate any feedback. Am in the Orange County area, 21 years old, with jobs ranging from customer service to loan and short sale processing to construction and concrete re-finishing, interior finish work, and basic car maintenance and mechanics.