View Full Version : 3 Lug adjustable port position Flash Suppressor (Forearm light compatible)

05-27-2012, 5:14 PM
I had a request awhile back to come up with a 3 Lug flash suppressor based on our Fake Can nut style mount . This uses a detent style nut/sleeve design instead of a lever lock on the barrel flat. This allows 360 degree rotation of the 3 cut ports in the main body. Should protect those expensive lights from the usual muzzle blast out of the standard full ported designs.The main body is slightly smaller in OD than original for more clearance and the knurled nut is the same 1.2" OD as original. Easy to install and doesn't rattle or shake. If their's enough interest I'll make some up and post for sale on our web soon. Should be about the same price as the factory stock units (or lower) if I get enough interest. Please let me know what you all think . http://www.titleiiarms.com/Accessories_Parts.php