View Full Version : Let's see some none Ruger/Buck Mark 22 pistols.

05-27-2012, 4:15 PM
I'm a bit tire to keep seeing the same Ruger/Browning Mark series pistol. I know they are great, but everyone and their mom has one (or two, or three). Let's see what else you got!

I'll start:

S&W 2206

Full stainless steel slide and frame. Adjustable sight, ambidextrous mag release and 12rd mag optional. I firmly believe the only reason S&W discontinue 422/622/2206 series was because they don't want it to hurt their model 41 high end 22's market.

GSG 1911-22

With 80% interchangeable parts with real 1911. Lots potential for the upgrade. Biggest down side: Zinc slide. Like Sig Mosquito, and Walther P22.

Beretta Neos

Lots accessories from Beretta factory. Interchangeable barrel (I have both 4.5" and 7" barrel), it only take me 40 sec to swap them out at range. Easy to field strip, decent trigger. Unique mag release (lefty unfriendly). 16" barrel carbine optional.

05-27-2012, 9:47 PM
That S&W is sweet looking! I haven't seen that model before.

I have the CZ Kadet Kit, which is a .22 LR slide that you can put on most of the CZ frames. Here it is, at bottom, on my CZ75 SA (single action only) frame: