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05-27-2012, 12:00 PM
We had a full load of 16 shooters for Saturdays match, weather was perfect. As usual we only score misses (like golf) so a perfect score would be "0". We started out in the back of the canyon with the offhand stage, targets were placed from about 100 to 200 yards, Martin Tardif and Allen Thomas fired a "0" making them top shooters for the stage.
The group then moved back to the sitting/kneeling stage with the targets at about 300+ yards, Jeff Mendoza, Martin Tardif and Randy Teissedre, were high shooters for the stage, all firing "0".
The third stage was the prone unsupported stage, shooters were only allowed a sling and glove for support, targets are placed at about 400+, Jeff Mendoza and Randy Teissedre were top guns both firing "0".
The fourth stage was prone supported, any shootng support could be used, targets were now at 600+, Eddie Jimenez was top gun being the only shooter able to fire a "0" score.
We then moved back to fire the time exposure drill, targets the size of a sheet of paper were randomly presented at any point along the 400 yard berm to the shooters for a very short 3 or 2 second exposure, the shooters were given 6 target presentations, Martin Tardif, Jeff Mendoza, Al Morita and Allen Thomas were top shooters with a score of 2.
Next the shooters fired on the same targets but now they were moving, the shooters were given 8 rounds and 40 seconds Al Morita, Jeff Mendoza, Mark Lafevers and Martin Tardif were the high shooters with a score of 5.
We finished up the match with a couple of "eraser" drills, difficult high value targets where the shooters could "erase" some of the misses from thier scores.

The final results verified as correct:

Martin Tardif - 9 gold +$40
Jeff Menoza - 10 silver +$30
Allen Thomas - 13 bronze +$30
Randy Teissedre - 14 $10

Eddie Jimenez - 17
Mark La Fevers - 17

Gary Fowler - 18
Al Morita - 18

Michael Sommner - 21

Ken Letwin - 24
Dennis Santiago - 24

Dennis Lang - 27

Mark Gravitt - 28

Mike Leaf - 31
Milo train - 31

Candace Brekka - 36

I'd like to thank all those who came out and helped with the set up and break down and the shooters who showd up to participate, the next event is scheduled for September 22

Best regards Gary Eliseo

05-27-2012, 12:06 PM
Please contact me if you'd like to sign up

06-24-2012, 10:38 AM
Scores are up