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05-27-2012, 6:51 AM
Morning All!

I am wondering where I can find some information on becoming a vendor here, ie the costs, application, etc. I have taken a look but I must be missing it, though I'm not through my first cup of coffee yet so that could be why. I operate on a few other forums (Glock Forum is my primary) and I am looking to branch out as my business has grown. If this community is anything like the members say it operates much like a family, which I like. In the interest of that why don't I take a few minutes to introduce myself and provide some background!

My name is Steve, and I am the owner and sole slave laborer of Twisted Monkey Customs (twistedmonkeycustoms.com). Based out of Missouri I refinish and customize firearms, mainly Glocks, by offering polishing services and Duracoating as well as Grip Reduction & Stippling at unmatched prices. I'm a bit unconventional in that all of my polishing work is done completely by hand, no power tools, sand paper or any of that. I feel this is simply the only way to do it right, makes me a bit old school I guess. In Duracoat I am the only person I know of that free hands every camo job to keep them from looking like cookie cutter work. I could break out the stencils but that is just not me.

Right now we are also getting ready to open up the CNC services, including engraving, porting, and custom parts. It's a pretty exciting time for me.

Anyway I have been doing this for a few years now for friends and online when people ask, but I started the company a few months back to do it full time. Since then I have expanded out and several people that belong to this member base have directly asked me if I had investigated becoming a member here.

I think that covers it, I'm sure I missed something but a more proper introduction will be needed when I become a vendor anyway. I will be off and on today as we take Sunday and Monday off but I will pop back in at some point and take a look at this thread. Please don't mind the website, it's just up to be up and serve it's purpose. I typically work about 12 to 14 hours a day at the minimum to fill orders so my attention to the website is minimal. I really need to update the gallery, I barely have anything up there right now. I also have about 75 customer reviews and testimonials that need to find their way up there. Probably my best advertisement is Glock Forum as I am very tied into it and word of mouth is my biggest billboard. Many of you already know this since you are members there.


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Contact one of the Mods, they will help you out.
Contact Kestryll and he will tell you what to do.

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I'll shoot him one now, thank you

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Good luck

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Yea I tried that the other day, but thank you ;)

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Welcome to calguns.

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welcome to the forum.

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Thanks guys!

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Welcome aboard!

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Hi Steve, welcome to Calguns.

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Welcome to CalGuns, Steve.

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Steve welcome aboard !

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Thank you! Happy Memorial Day!

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Welcome to Calguns! :)

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Welcome aboard! Can't help w/ your vendor Qs.