View Full Version : WTS: Nitrided PTG Tactical Bottom Metal for Rem 700 SA

05-26-2012, 12:22 PM
I am selling my mint condition Pacific Tool & Gauge Tactical Steel Bottom Metal for the 700 Short Action. It will drop in perfectly to any BDL style bottom regardless of stock. This is a very thick/heavy steel bottom. I am also including the internal magazine box, and spring with follower.

My bottom metal has only had 20 rounds put through it (to make sure it works), its all good!! I also had it Black Nitrided by H&M Metal in Akron Ohio. So the surface hardness is like a rock and the finish is a nice deep satin black...not a scratch on it!!

PTG charges $130 for this bottom metal in the blue (plus $10 shipping). That's what I paid from them last year, then another $40 for the Nitride.

I will let mine go with everything mentioned above for $135 OBRO shipped. This is cheaper (and nicer IMO) than the Williams version, and any other heavy steel BDL bottom on the planet. Not to mention its nearly indestructible from the Nitride AND it comes with all the internals (typically a used aluminum bottom with all the internals goes for $50 - $60 shipped). This bottom metal is great for the guy building a new rifle up!! Send all emails to jonvolution@yahoo.com


p.s. Can also include pics via email for those that are seriously interested!!

05-29-2012, 3:32 PM