View Full Version : Oil firing Pin, Spring, and recess in bolt Piston AR-15?

05-25-2012, 6:05 PM
Well I downloaded the owners manual of a piston AR-15 I was looking to buy and I haven't checked out on a AR in a long time and was surprised on what it said to oil.

I thought you just oil the exterior of the bolt but on this one it says:

Apply a light coat to extractor pin, the firing pin, firing pin spring, and the one that has me stumped firing pin recess in bolt.

I thought you leave the firing pin alone that oil can gum it up, and the tip of/firing pin channel can cause misfires if oil gets in their.

If I get it should I follow the manual or can someone list the critical parts that need to be lubed and what lube is good that doesn't run too thin or burns up too fast. Thanks