View Full Version : [Added Hume H715M WC]WTS:Aimpoint M2 4moa,M68,TriLock Brand New,

05-25-2012, 10:45 AM
I have a Brand New AIMPOINT M2(10336) mounted on an M68, with a #17 Tri Lock Base. It has never been over any shot taken. I bought it long time ago. It was for a 9mm AR I put together. That still has never been fired either but that is not up for sale here. Just mentio Been sitting in the safe. It comes in the Original Box and is not a clone. It is the real thing, and there are many photo in another Photobucket album and this is the link.
Entire Package $450.
In Rancho Cucamonga

Don Hume H715M-W/C-S Kahr MK9/PM9,MK40/PM40
Brand New in bag
$30 Plus $5 for ship

MP9/40 ARREDONDO, Ext Base Pads 9/40 +6/+5 Black
$20 for both

06-08-2012, 5:53 PM