View Full Version : Range Report/ Various Ammo

05-24-2012, 7:49 AM
I wanted to post some pics of a recent trip to the range trying various loads but I first need help with getting the pics from my iPhone onto here. I just recently got a smart phone..was using a dumb phone for years and was VERY happy not dealing with all the bells and whistles but it finally crapped out on me so I went with the iPhone mainly because of all the music I had on my iPod I could now have my phone and music on one gadget. Ok sorry to wander off on a tangent. Could someone either post the steps I take to move pics from my phone onto my outbound message here or PM me the instructions. Thanks in advance and as soon as I get the low-down I'll post my pics. 6 different loads that make for some interesting pics I think. Thanks again in advance for the help!