View Full Version : Custom Daniel Defense URG

The Undertaker
05-24-2012, 12:08 AM
I finally took the plunge and paid for a custom DD URG from Tommy Malone of Smart Gunner. The site offered a very good deal - one that I could not pass up. I ordered one with an 18" barrel, Omega X 12.0 (rifle) handguard, low-profile gas block, and A2 flash suppressor. All DD components. I have an LMT full-auto BCG and charging handle set to go with it, and the completed URG will be mounted to my new lower build, based on a JD Machine Tech stripped lower with Rock River Arms parts and Magpul furniture.

Since I literally just placed my order, when can I expect to have my order in hand? This is directed to those who have bought from this retailer before. Also, what do you gentlemen think of my build?

All inputs are welcome and appreciated.