View Full Version : The Dakota Interloc-XP (Modular safe)

05-23-2012, 1:19 AM
Why am I making a thread on this? Simple, because I couldn't find a thread on this forum with much info on the things, and I just finally got mine put together.

First, it's expensive compared to a "solid" safe of the same size. You're paying for the modular aspect. There's the snap-safe but it's smaller, and Zanotti is a few hundred dollars more. Specifically, the interloc-xp is $1100 shipped. When they have them in stock, you can get it from Tulsa, Oklahoma within a week shipped via curbside delivery freight. Speaking of curbside delivery, it's literally to the curb. Plus the freight company sent a truck with no lift gate, so I had to help take it off the truck, to the curb. The boxes weigh 190lbs, 2x 120lbs, and 110lbs. They aren't super heavy, but due to the dimensions of the panels, they're awkward if you can't use a hand truck or something.

When you're opening the boxes, make sure they're face UP and not face down. Lesson learned the hard way. It's an issue because the panels are packed face down, with the interior panels on top and kind of inside the wall panels. If you open the boxes upside down, you will be wrestling with the wall panels and interior panels wanting to fall all over the place.

If the location you're building it is not completely level for whatever reason, this will be a problem. The thickness of the bottom panel due to the bends and where it meets the side panels makes it so the bottom won't just slide neatly into place like their instruction video shows. You will be wrestling the door, side, and rear to get that bottom panel into place. I suggest changing the order so it's left side, rear, bottom, then door(or whatever panel as at the lowest point of the slope) so you can just fit the third panel over the bottom panel.

Also due to the slope, since you only finger tightened the bolts before putting the top panel on, it may want to sit slightly crooked. You will be muscling the thing to get it lined up for the top panel to drop in.

The interior panels in what they're shipping now are not exactly the same as what's in the video. The two rails for the shelves are not centered on each panel. They are made to sit closer to the front of the safe. If you install the panels upside down(and there is no sticker on anything telling you which way is the front, that would have saved me a LOT of trouble), you won't be able to fit the rear panels in past the shelving rails.

The center rifle rack portion now pegs into the center wall. Not a big deal, however it is different than what's in their video and packing sheet. Also there is a metal shelf. This metal shelf and pegged in rifle rack portion take the place of the half shelf with the rifle rest edge in their instructional video.

For some reason the video and instructions talk about an electronic lock. That lock is extra, it comes with a mechanical combination lock(it is mentioned in the text on the website). The little 90 degree doorstop thing also doesn't exist on mine(not that I particularly care).

The paint is durable enough, although I managed to scuff a couple of corners somehow(probably happened while I was opening the boxes upside down). The brass handles are... not brass. I can see on the end of the threaded portion that it's a silver colored metal coated in a brass colored finish(not a big deal for me either). The brass colored caps on the hinges are plastic.

The mechanical lock has this loose feeling to it. I'm not sure how to explain it other than that. Basically it wants to turn loosely making centering it on the right number slightly annoying compared to locks on higher end solid safes that I've handled before. It's just missing that slight amount of tension.

The edges of the rifle rests have this suede feeling material, not going to mess up gun finishes. However... there were a few hanging threads that annoyed me(and were subsequently removed), not a problem, but not what I expect after paying $1100(yes, I know it's made in China).

The 20 times expanding door seals... whatever. They're irrelevant as far as I'm concerned since fire could get through the small gaps at the edges of the walls anyway. If they wanted to do things right, they'd have put a strip of their sealant on the edge of every wall as well. I don't believe their fire rating for a second, but I didn't get it for fire protection anyway(and if this thing was in a fire for 30 minutes, it's going to go crashing through the floor anyway where I installed it). I got it for the theft protection. Where it's installed, it's not going to be mobile unless you took the thing apart(which requires interior access) or had some serious tools to cut it apart with(and if the thieves were that serious I'd be SOL while I'm at work anyway with that much time).

If this were not a safe that I could disassemble and re-assemble, for $1100 I'd be pissed. Because I was looking for the modular aspect first without regard to the aesthetic stuff, I'm not worried about it.

No, you're not getting any pictures of what's inside, or where it is, etc. There are enough pictures on the website and the instruction video to figure out what it looks like. Yes, I would recommend it for someone in a situation similar to mine, as long as they're aware of everything I mentioned.

BTW, there was also an allen wrench with a notch cut in the side included with the combination. I assume that this is a tool to reset the combo, but there were no instructions for that anywhere that I could find.