View Full Version : Better Recoil Pad for Mossberg 590?

05-22-2012, 10:53 AM
The model number is 52682, it's the one with the speed feed stock. I like the stock, I'm just looking for an aftermarket recoil pad that will make shooting my shotgun more enjoyeable. I'm looking for a recoil pad that will attach using the two screws that the stock one has, rather than a slip on.

I got the shotgun, my first firearm I ever got, several months ago and was finally able to shoot it on this last Saturday. Well 00 buck and especially 3" slugs, have intense recoil, but damn is it fun to feel all that power. I would prefer to not have a bruised shoulder as a result.

Thanks for your help guys.

05-22-2012, 6:25 PM
Congrats on getting it out to the range. Couple of things to think about:

* If you hurt after shooting the gun you aren't shouldering it correctly and no amount of padding will solve for that. Find an instructor or really experienced shotgun shooter to help you learn proper gun mount.

* The factory pad on the Speedfeed stock is generally pretty cushy. I have a factory pad on the Speedfeed IV attached to my Remington 870 and it's more than sufficient. If the pad is worn out, then contact Speedfeed through their website for a replacement. If your stock has a factory hard butt plate then contact Speedfeed through their website and order a replacement pad. You could add a slip on Limbsaver, but that would add length you may not want or need to the stock.

* Three inch slugs are not needed for any defensive purpose, IMO. Three inch shells, in general, are far more suited for hunting than they are for defending your life. All they are going to do is beat you up harder. 2 3/4 inch shells are all you need and the managed recoil buck shot and slug rounds will make the experience far less punishing.